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  • Axis Communications 01007-001 - Audio Accessories


    AXIS P8804 STEREO SENSOR KIT - Stereo Sensor Kit provides synched stereo imaging from two AXIS F1004 Sensor Units and an AXIS F34 Main Unit. Using analytics software from a partner, enables the creation of a 3D depth map that facilitates precision...

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  • Axis Communications 01025-001 - Audio Accessories


    Axis C8033 Network Audio Bridge - Network Audio Bridge is a smart solution for connecting and combining analog and digital audio systems. With this scalable and cost-efficient product, you can connect analog audio sources to Axis network speaker system,...

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  • Axis Communications 01033-001 - Audio Accessories


    Axis D2050-VE - Phased array Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave, 24 GHz outdoor radar motion detector. 120 degrees horizontal and 5-50 meter detection range. Serves as a complement to video surveillance and enables filtering on distance, customizable...

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